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Portal News and Management System , Web Portal  Systems have become a very effective communication medium for sharing information and conducting business transactions with customers, vendors and partners. Portals have become gateways to information in many progressive companies where employees directly log into corporate portals to start their days.

Corporate Website , A corporate website or corporate site is an informational website operated by a business or other private enterprise such as a charity or nonprofit foundation.

Social Network Website , Social networking web portal is sweeping the world at the moment, keep rising with no boundaries. Social networking websites represent a wonderful online channel for any person with a thirst for community and any company looking to increase brand exposure and connect with potential customers. We are the only web developer in Indonesia who has succeeded to develop, maintain and promote our social networking web portal. With this successful experience, we are ready to help you developing social networking web portal for your business with proven and tested methods and strategies.

Online Store Website , Internet is a new highly potential marketplace. More and more people use the Internet to research, search and purchase products and services. The concept of shopping has now changed with the changing of time. The fast paced modern lifestyle does not allow us to have spare time to go to the super market or store to purchase our required provision but with the help of innovative means of Internet, it has now become very convenient to shop almost everything through online shopping.

By having website enhanced with online shopping, you can open a new sales channel for your business. Our online shopping website is designed with the latest technology, user friendly and very suitable with Indonesian market's characteristic, ensuring your product will be able to reach higher selling point through the Internet.

E-Gov Website , Web e-Government is the use of information technology and telecommunications for efficient administration and effective governance, and provide a transparent and satisfactory service to the community. All government organizations will be affected by this e-government development.

Education Website ,A Education Website is an informational website operated by a academic institutiion.

Religious Website

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