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Monday, 04 April 2011 04:34 administrator
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MikrodataMIKROS has been working diligently for 5 years to secure its ideal position in the ICT industry with a focus on micro-enterprise software applications. While we are not the largest ICT in the nation, we are a highly regarded boutique organization specializing in professional web development and smart card Applications. We focus on using latest technologies, and serving our clients with effective marketing solutions that help us stand out in this extremely competitive sphere. We redefined our field by creating innovative methods of bringing our clients messages to the cyber business. Our accounts applauded our pioneering spirit while new clients seek out our services. With a dynamic team of professionals devoted to serve competently, we aspire to facilitate businesses derive optimal sales through the internet. Providing online marketing services and web based solution to many high profile clients, today, we are one of the most respected and highly regarded professional online marketing solution provider in the country. our vision is Improve social welfare and education for people in the world of communication and information technology.